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Environmental impact, safety, maintenance and fuel efficiency are all key considerations that influence product design in the aerospace industry. One way that manufacturers are responding to these market drivers is the increased use of reinforced plastics in applications throughout the aircraft; these materials combine light weight with favourable properties like fatigue and corrosion resistance, leading to reduced maintenance schedules and shorter fleet down- time.

But the bonding issues associated with many polymer-based materials can cause problems for manufacturers that want to build products and components from plastic composites. Onto™ surface modification treatments enable the construction of superior products from a wider range of advanced materials for both visual and structural components where bonding is crucial to product performance and also provide an alternative to processes like sanding, leading to reduced rejection rates and shorter processing times.

Solutions for aerospace materials

  • Interior finishes


    Effective adhesion promoters for improved bonding of UV and thermally cured paints and coatings to composite components. Solutions contain no aromatic hydrocarbons, CPOs or chromates for safer use and lower environmental impact.

  • Decorative trim


    Onto™ adhesion promoters are an effective, quick and simple way of preparing composite surfaces for adhesive bonding to dissimilar materials like leather, aluminium and wood trim.

  • Fibre reinforced structural components


    Onto™ fibre sizing improves compatibility of fibre reinforcement agents to matrix materials for improved structural performance of composites.

  • Structural components – Honeycomb Sandwich


    Priming honeycombs to improve the effectiveness of adhesive films results in a more strongly bonded core-composite skin sandwich panel, enhancing the overall strength of monocoques and internal panelling, stow bins and galley trollies.

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