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From motorsport and niche vehicles to OEM volume manufacture, the automotive sector is heavily focused on the use of lightweight materials to improve vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Plastics and reinforced glass or carbon fibre composites are now frequently the materials of choice for components throughout the car, interior, exterior and even under the hood.

But the incompatibility of many plastics with other materials causes manufacturing issues if components need to be painted, coated or joined with adhesive. Onto™ treatments chemically modify the surface of the plastic to improve their compatibility with other materials, providing a reproducible alternative to other surface preparation techniques like sanding. Onto™ enables automotive designers to create innovative products from a wider range of advanced materials and to achieve cost and time improvements in processing.


Solutions for automotive materials

  • Painting bodywork


    Improved bonding of paints to bodywork with minimal surface preparation by creating a homogenous surface. Convenient for use both in the field and for in-factory mass manufacture, our products contain no aromatic hydrocarbons for safer use and lower environmental impact.

  • Stronger structures


    Priming honeycombs to promote adhesion of adhesive films results in a more strongly bonded core-skin sandwich panel, enhancing the overall strength of the structural component. For semi-structural components, stronger adhesion means that fewer fastenings are required.

  • Carbon fibre body parts


    A less labour intensive, cleaner alternative surface modification process to sanding for maintaining cosmetic appearance and coating performance of painted or clear coated carbon fibre wing mirrors, spoiler and other components.

  • Interior trim


    Surface treatments to enable adhesive bonding of plastics and composites to dissimilar materials for well-bonded leather, aluminium and wood trim. Reduces surface preparation time and removes the need for complex bonded laminate structures.

  • Under the hood


    Surface treatments for plastics that enable the adhesive bonding of dissimilar materials for under the hood applications, removing the need for mechanical fasteners.

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Onto™ solutions for automotive interior, exterior and under the hood