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Company Overview

OAS technology and products

Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group PLC designs, develops and manufactures advanced materials for surface modification, adhesion promotion and nano-material applications based on our core know-how and intellectual property. Our core platform technology is Onto™ highly reactive chemistry. These technologies are highly flexible in design and can be used in a wide range of applications, products and markets.

Our customers

Our focus is on partnering with global companies for whom we believe we can provide a disruptive solution to a currently unanswered advanced materials challenge. From formulators and plastic film extruders to converters and product assemblers, we work in all areas of the supply chain where we can provide a solution with our innovative technology.

How we work

We provide our customers with a combination of technology licence and materials supply. Our partnerships are funded through up-front and milestone payments, although where applications or substrates are novel or where more technical challenges exist we would engage in a funded joint development programme. As we work with various types of manufacturer we recognise the need for a flexible approach to how we collaborate.  For each partner we will provide tailored support to incorporate our technology into their finished products. This usually demands a period of customisation and technology transfer which is done in partnership with our clients, from proof of concept though to mass production.

OAS value

Our expertise in molecular synthetic design and formulation chemistry allows us to tailor all of our materials to suit specific and complex industry problems. We have a mix of solid industrial expertise and a dedicated team of chemists and material scientists delivering world class innovation with quality and speed. The company is located at the Begbroke Science Park in Oxford where we have fully equipped laboratories both for initial material design and synthesis as well as applications and process development.

OAS History

Founded in June 2006 by Professor Mark Moloney and Dr. Jon-Paul Griffiths, Oxford Advanced Surfaces was "spun-out" by Ora Capital, IP Group and OSEM from the Chemistry department at the University of Oxford, one of the largest chemistry research laboratories in the world. The initial development of the Onto™ technology began over a decade ago at the University and it has continued and expanded through OAS.