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We create treatments that functionalise the surface of a material to make it ready for bonding or change its behaviour in some way. Our solutions are tailored for easy integration into industrial manufacturing processes. We provide a viable route to surface modification when techniques such as plasma, corona or sand abrading are not a practical option or do not give the required performance.

Most of the challenges we work on involve plastic-based substrates like polyolefins, engineering polymers and high performance plastics and composites because many of them are difficult to bond to.

Paints and coatings are often not compatible with plastic-based materials which results in poor bonding between the coating and substrate. Onto™ adhesion promoters can prevent coating delamination and improve product performance for polyolefin blended substrates like PP/EPDM, engineering plastics like PET and on plastic composites such as carbon fibre/PEEK.

See our Onto™ adhesion promotion solutions for:

Polyurethane (PU), silicone and epoxy based coatings

Free radical curing acrylate-based coatings

Our Onto™ adhesion promoters provide improved bonding of flexo, screen or inkjet printing inks to the substrate surface, reducing the risk of ink delamination and providing products with enhanced performance.

Select the chemistry of your ink below to learn more:

Polyurethane (PU), epoxy and silicone decorative inks

Free radical curing acrylate-based decorative inks

Metal conducting inks

High performance adhesion promotion to plastics

No Onto™ for adhesion promotion - ink is easily removed

Onto™ for adhesion promotion -
ink adheres to substrate


Bonding parts with adhesives rather than mechanical fasteners can provide benefits in product design such as lighter weight components and better aesthetics, however semi-crystalline plastic-based substrates cannot be bonded effectively with adhesives because they do not have compatible surface chemistry, causing a weak interface at the glue-line. Onto™ adhesion promoters enable the bonding of plastic-based components to dissimilar materials.

Bonding for polyurethane (PU), silicone and epoxy based adhesives

Onto™ adhesion promoters can be used to provide enhanced bonding of conductive metal films to plastic substrates. Our treatments are compatible with various metals deposited by e-less processing or vacuum (PVD).

Bonding metallised films

Composite structures that are formed by hot melt processing can delaminate if there is a weak interface. Onto™ adhesion promoters increase the bonding between the coated EVA layer and the underlying substrate.

Bonding EVA to plastics

Many fibre reinforcement agents have little or no useful surface chemistry available for bonding and therefore little chemical interaction between the fibre and matrix. Onto™ sizing treatments introduce functionality to the surface, providing fibres such as UHMWPE (Dyneema® or Spectra®) and aramids (Kevlar® or Nomex®) with enhanced compatibility to a surrounding thermoset matrix. We have treatments that are compatible with the following matrix chemistries:

  • Phenolic
  • Two-part epoxy
  • Two-part polyurethanes

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