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Onto For Adhesion Promotion

Advanced materials offer excellent intrinsic properties such as light weight, chemical resistance and high strength, however their use in products containing laminate structures or coated parts is often limited because they cannot be strongly bonded to other materials. Since Onto™ can bond with completely unreactive materials, the technology enables high performance bonding between a wide range of coatings and substrates including those that have limited or no functionality.

Onto™ materials are processed as wet formulations and require a curing step to form a chemically cross-linked network that provides the bonding of the coating to the substrate. The versatile nature of Onto™ chemistry means that it can be used either as a discrete layer that is applied prior to the coating, or as a component that is mixed in with a formulation.

  • Adhesion promotion of functional coatings, inks, adhesives and paints
  • Both reactive and non-reactive coatings of many chemistry types - polyolefins, polyalcohols, polyurethanes, epoxy, acrylics and many more!
  • Compatible with many types of substrate materials including polyolefins, engineering plastics, high performance polymers and inorganics
  • Flexible chemistry allows design for compatibility with solvent based, aqueous based, hot melt or 100% solids formulations

Onto™ EP1000 adhesion promotion for polyurethane and epoxy coatings


Onto™ for adhesion promotion of

Paints and lacquers
Hot melt laminates

High performance adhesion promotion to plastics

No Onto™ for adhesion promotion - ink is easily removed

Onto™ for adhesion promotion -
ink adheres to substrate


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