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Fibre reinforced plastics that are light weight, flexible and strong are often used in applications for defence. Whether the reinforcement agent is fibre tow or bundle, woven fabrics or even nanomaterials like graphene, the strength of the composite depends on the interaction of the reinforcement agent with the matrix to deliver lighter, stronger structures or improved ballistic protection performance.

The surface properties of many polymer or carbon based advanced materials can prevent good interaction with the matrix material. Onto™ surface modification treatments improve the reinforcement agent-matrix interaction to deliver high performance composites.

Solutions for defence materials

  • Ballistic protection


    Onto™ Fibre Sizing can be used to modify the surface chemistry of difficult-to-bond fibres like Dyneema® and Spectra® or aramids such as Kevlar®providing increased fibre-matrix interaction and leading to light weight, stronger composites.

  • Radomes


    Onto™ Fibre Sizing can be used to modify the surface of polymer-based reinforcement agents to give increased interaction with the matrix to provide differentiated structural properties.

  • Painting and coating structures


    Improved bonding of paints to structures with minimal surface preparation by creating a homogenous surface. Convenient for use both in the field and for in-factory mass manufacture, our products contain no aromatic hydrocarbons for safer use and lower environmental impact.

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