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Advanced materials, particularly fibre reinforced plastics, are often used for applications in the energy sector in favour of more traditional materials like glass and steel because of they offer a combination of beneficial properties like light weight, flexibility and strength.

But the surface properties of many polymer-based advanced materials can cause problems in manufacturing if the substrate needs to be bonded or wetted out by liquid to fulfil its function. Onto™ surface modification treatments can be used to improve interfacial bonding and surface wetting, enabling the construction of superior products from advanced materials.

Solutions for energy materials

  • Composite structures


    Onto™ Fibre Sizing increases interaction between reinforcement agents like fibre tows, bundles and woven fabrics and matrix materials to optimise the properties of structures for wind turbines or tidal generation.

  • Separators for batteries


    Onto™ Surface Wetting solutions change the behaviour of liquids with separator membranes for improved wetting properties.

  • Painting and coating structures


    Improved bonding of paints to structures such as towers and blades with minimal surface preparation by creating a homogenous surface. Convenient for use both in the field and for in-factory mass manufacture, our products contain no aromatic hydrocarbons for safer use and lower environmental impact.

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