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    Onto™ is a unique surface modification technology that improves production times, reduces costs, and eliminates the risk of damage when used as a surface preparation for adhesive bonding of composites and engineering plastics.

    Onto™ used as a surface preparation method removes the need for sanding, grinding, vapour blasting or plasma thus providing a faster, cleaner, controllable and easily repeatable process.

    Suitable for both low volume manual processes and higher volume automated processes. Within reason, there are no time limits of the surface activity when using Onto™, allowing materials to be either bonded immediately or treated efficiently in batches and then used over a period of weeks or months.

    Application is simple using either brush or roller, requiring no specialist equipment.

    For use with epoxy and polyurethane adhesives see our Onto™ SB1000 products or for use with methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesives see our Onto™ SB2000 products