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Onto™ Sizing Treatments increase the interaction between the reinforcement agent and the polymer matrix, resulting in stronger composite structures. Onto™ treatments create a thin layer of material on the surface of the fibre, creating a surface that will facilitate more uniform bonding.

We have treatments that prime for the following types of binder materials:

  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxy
  • Phenolics
  • BMI (bismaleimide)
  • Cyanate Ester

Our Onto™ fibre sizing treatments are effective on various fibre types including UHMWPE materials like Dyneema® and Spectra®. They can be used to coat continuous and chopped fibre, fabrics and tapes. The low coat weight required for any Onto™ treatment means that fibres only have minimal weight gain, and because Onto™ only modifies the surface it will not affect the bulk properties of the material.

  • Can be applied inline prior to matrix application for pre-preg applications
  • Can be applied offline for use in RTM applications.
  • Can be used on already sized or unsized fibres offering compatibility with a range of matrix materials.

We currently have beta products available for trial that are compatible with epoxy, polyurethane and phenolic matrix materials. Please contact us to discuss further.