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OAS now offers a range of EP1000 products for adhesion promotion

Onto™ EP1000 promotes the adhesion of polyurethane, epoxy and silicone coatings to difficult-to-bond substrates like engineering plastics and composites. OAS has designed a series of EP10000 formulations that are tailored for specific coating techniques and now has the following products available for trial:


  • EP1000 for K bar application
  • EP1010 for dip coating application
  • EP1020 for brush coating application


Jon-Paul Griffiths, Technology Manager, stated “We initially developed EP1000 for k bar application so that customers could apply the treatment in a simple, controlled manner. This approach has been successful, but was limited to testing on flat substrates. The development of dip and brush systems has opened up the treatment to customers that would like to test the product on fibres and non-flat substrates like curved and moulded parts. It also provides a simpler method of partially coating a larger article.”

Sarah Vickers, Product and Marketing Manager at OAS, commented “The development of dip and brush EP1000 products has meant that, for many applications, the initial evaluation stage can be carried out using more production-like conditions. We feel that this will speed up the time to commercialisation for many of our customers.”

OAS continues to develop the EP1000 series and will soon be working on a spray version of the treatment.

To find out more about the EP1000 series of treatments or to request an Evaluation Pack for trial please contact us:

Phone enquiries: 0044 (0)1865 854807


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