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    Applications for your business

    Unlocking the potential of advanced materials

    Don’t let bonding issues get in the way of your innovation

    We specialise in getting the most from advanced materials. Too often incompatibility issues arise when components need to be bonded or coated, especially for many plastics, composites and carbon-based materials.

    Onto™ surface treatments are a unique and practical way of removing the need for sanding and abrasion in surface preparation, modifying the surface in seconds to introduce activity to the most inert surfaces and removing a barrier to innovation.

    Practical Surface Solutions

    Onto™ is effective when other surface treatments fail or are just not practical.

    • Onto™ introduces surface activity even to the most inert surfaces
    • Onto™ products solve problems in surface preparation of materials
    • Onto™ treatments are designed for easy integration into large scale manufacturing and also for use in off-site processes
    • Onto™ solutions reduce preparation times and remove the risk of substrate damage
    • Onto™ improves the bond strength between adhesive and substrate

    Solutions for your business

    • Painting & Coating

    • Adhesive Bonding

    • Fibre Sizing

    • Surface Modification


    Onto™ surface treatments solve bonding challenges of plastics and composites where there is no existing effective or practical solution.