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    Applications for your business

    Onto™ Surface Treatments

    Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS) is a pioneer and market leader in the surface treatment of polymeric, plastic and composite materials by the application of highly reactive carbene chemistry. Our unique, patented, Onto™ technology harnesses carbene chemistry in a user-friendly way to deliver cost effective enhanced surface properties and adhesion.

    Onto™ permanently chemically modifies the surface in a way that cannot be achieved by other means. It can improve performance, reduce processing times and remove the need for labour intensive surface preparations such as sanding or abrasion leading to a cost saving.

    Onto™ products have been developed to meet industry needs with a range that is tailored to specific applications and manufacturing process requirements. For further information please select your area of interest:


    Applications requiring the painting lacquering and coating of plastics please refer to our products here


    Adhesive bonding

    For the adhesive bonding of composites and plastics please select your adhesive type below:

    • Epoxy or polyurethane adhesives here
    • Methyl methacrylate (MMA) adhesives here


    Fibre Sizing
    For information on fibre sizing or collaboration opportunities here


    Surface Modification

    We are here to help with all your surface modification needs so please contact us for further information here

    Solutions for your business

    • Painting & Coating

    • Adhesive Bonding

    • Fibre Sizing

    • Surface Modification


    Onto™ surface treatments solve bonding challenges of plastics and composites where there is no existing effective or practical solution.